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June 14, 2004 by greenfarie
I guess its time to write a blog that's important. Not that others are not important. I guess I mean important to me.

I just finished a semester of Environmental Sociology. It's a newer branch of sociology that focuses on how humans interact and our social structure affects our relationship with nature. This class has opened my mind to a few things. I thought I'd share them with you guys and please feel free to respond as you see fit.

obesity has been on the rise since technology has ...
June 14, 2004 by greenfarie
I would like a working definition on charisma. Will someone please describe "charisma" to me?

I'm just wondering because one of my good friends told me they liked me because I had a lot of charisma. I do know what the textbook definition is, but I just don't get it. Perhaps, my friend did not know the definition.
June 14, 2004 by greenfarie
Well, the first article I posted about love recieved some interesting comments. I was in a very strange state the day I wrote it and I guess I really didn't expect anyone to read it, much less respond to it considering it was first post.

I'd like to go back and introduce myself.

My name is Serena. I'm in my 20's. Majoring in Physical Anthropology and obtaining my certificate in Archeaology. UW Madison. I have 4 cats and a betta.

As far as politics go, I vote for whoever has the stud...
June 14, 2004 by greenfarie
It takes a mighty good husband to be better than none.

I have no idea who wrote that quote, but men please take heed!
June 14, 2004 by greenfarie
The world is my country,
all mankind are my brethren
and to do good is my religion.

Thomas Paine

I couldn't have said it better myself.
June 14, 2004 by greenfarie
First off--Find out where the clitoris is

Second of all--you don't look like Brad Pitt so quit acting like you.

Don't pick your ass or scratch your nuts in public.

Don't fart during sex.

Say please and thank you even if you don't mean it--after all us women are rather dumb and easily fooled--or so we want you to believe

when you asked us what's wrong and we say nothing--that means your in big trouble and don't ask for that blow job or that meal.

Fuck you!! cook for us for a cha...
June 14, 2004 by greenfarie
Kitty Kats are great
except when they're in heat
Meow, meow, meow
scratching at the back door
Can't afford to get her spade
can't afford more kitties to be made
Human society will just kill her
Oh decisions!

Yeah, don't get pets unless you plan on getting them spade. I got stuck with 2 female cats actually, from my marriage. Ex hubby promised he would take the girls when he left and some how they're still with me I don't want to give them away because my cats are like my kids. you...
June 11, 2004 by greenfarie
Love does exist, don't think it doesn't. Don't look for it either because it'll come to you just like dirty laundry. And then you have to wash off the dirt from the last one and then soften it at the same time you dry and iron out the wrinkles. Love really does make you forget your every day chores, such as your dirty laundry! The first time I fell in love, I hit my head a little to hard because when it was done, not because of my doing, I thought I had permanent brain damage. I couldn't fu...
June 11, 2004 by greenfarie
I've been shot back to the 80's by a man I'm madly in love with. Crazy, crazy ride!4321 earth below usdrifting fallingfloating weightlessMy local world has been flooded, and next Friday I lose my job-so I write to the world.I'm not that special in the grand scheme things. Charisma doesn't mean much when you're a girl and either does brains. I was a temp here and worked my ass off. My job was given to a prissy girl who wears makeup and way too much perfume. She probably doesn't even know how...